Monday, January 26, 2004

American occupation figures, and their Iraqi puppets, always reiterate their belief that the Iraqi people do not want US troops to withdraw from Iraq, although the Iraqi people do not seem to be pelting troops with "flowers and sweets" as occupation apologist Kanaan Makiyya had predicted. And now: the pro-US occupation Iraqi paper Az-Zaman, which is run by Sa`d Al-Bazzaz (who ran Saddam's propaganda efforts in the past and is now part of US propaganda apparatus in Iraq), reports about a new public opinion survey in Iraq conducted on behalf of US occupation authority by an unidentified polling organization (for security reasons, says Az-Zaman). The survey reveals that some 60% of Iraqis are opposed to the continuation of the American occupation, while 12 % are in support of the continuation of occupation (which is less than the percentage of the Kurds in the population--which means that even the Kurds are not all in agreement in support of US occupation).