Saturday, December 20, 2003

You will now understand why Arabs laugh (or cry) when Bush speaks about human rights and democracy. The Libyan dictator has been trying his best to win back respectability in the eyes of US and UK. He paid more than $3 billion to the relatives of the innocent victims of Pan Am 103. Shame on the relatives of the victims: they used to say that they will not settle until the Libyan dictator (who is responsible for that crime) is brought to justice. They seem to have changed their minds once the millions arrived. And now Bush makes a statement about Libya's decision to surrender all of its WMDs. Notice that he does not call him "dictator" anymore. THAT IS A FIRST. So the criterion for the US is not about democracy or human rights. It is exclusively about the extent to which the leader is willing to submit to US dictates and will. So the Libyan leader will now be allowed to kill and oppress his people, provided he does what he is told by US.