Monday, December 15, 2003

It is now official. The US government has announced that (as a humanitarian gesture) Saddam will be flown to the US, and he will be allowed to register as a Democrat and cast his first ballot in the New Hampshire primary. The White House denies any political exploitation of Saddam's capture (and they are furious that anybody would even consider thinking about that), and insists that Saddam's participation in the democratic New Hampshire primary was entirley Saddam's idea, and without any duress. The White House is also allowing Saddam to open an office for Iraqi Ba`thists for Howard Dean organization in New Hampshire. They also deny that this was Carl Rove's idea. In other news, Bush made a statement during the press conference today: Full text: "Saddam, freedom, liberty, Iraq, terrorism, freedom, Saddam's capture, liberty, free, veggie burger, democracy, potato, saddam, milkshake, freedom, Elton John, freedom, Saddam's capture, liberty, Somosa, freedom. Thank you all."