Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I swear: I wish I had the time to go through the newspapers and publications, to point out the lies and inconsistencies coming out from US official accounts. Take how Saddam's hole in the ground was found. The New York Times reported today that when the soldiers went to the house area, "one of the Special Operations soldiers noticed an edge of a fabric-backed rubber mat peeking through soil edging the concrete floor in the home's courtyard, tugged on it and swept the earth away to find a rectangular foam plug about 20 inches high and perhaps 3 feet long, topped with two looped ropes as handles. Lifting it, he found the hiding space." Now read the account of MSNBC, on the same issue: (how the hole in the ground was found): "An informant, a confidant of Hussein whom they had brought along on the operation, had led them to that farm on the Tigris River. Now he pointed them to the very spot where Hussein was hiding in an underground chamber, according to soldiers involved in his capture. " Does anybody know the name of the song by Bob Dylan which has in it the phrase: "stop lying, stop lying, stop lying."