Friday, December 19, 2003

I still do not understand why US propaganda is planting those stories. This one claims that, among the many valuable information found in Saddam's briefcase, were documents revealing that US command in Iraq was infiltrated by Saddam's agents. If this was true, why would the US leak that information instead of proceeding to watch those agents? And how much did the US find in Saddam's briefcase? So far, we are told that the US found $750,000, tons of documents containing the name of every Iraqi citizen and his/her hobby; the phone books of 345 cities and villages around the world; 45500 watermelons; 44 sacks of potatoes; and the latest edition of Encyclopedia Britannica. All that was found in Saddam's magical briefcase. The state, any state, operates on the assumption that citizens are stupid. Bakunin was onto something.