Monday, December 15, 2003

Disgusting. There is already a reference by Israeli reporter (who is close to US and Israeli officials) of a "deal" to be struck between Saddam and the US government. I really really believe that they want a hasty and closed trial to avoid embarrassment for US officials who have had ties with Saddam. This means that we sill not be hearing about Saddam's friendship with Rumsfeld from the 1980s. Do you know that this trial plan (that was approved by the US puppet council in Iraq last week) would be the first war crime tribunal EVER without an international role? We should support the internationalization of the war crime tribunal to avoid its politicization by the US government. The deal under discussion will spare Saddam the dealth penalty in return for Saddam's services for US government? This Human Rights Watch dude makes the point that Saddam should be put on trial in an international court.