Saturday, October 11, 2003

The response to the website has been very, very favorable, which prompted me to go ahead with the project. All credit of the website should go to Neal: who is now at the University of Bristol in UK. He did all the work, and has been urging me for months to get my act together to set it on foot. I have been dragging my feet, but not my toes, for many reasons, especially the fear of appearing ego-centric, but now I am ready. Let my ego blossom. We shall add some categories as we go along, but until the time comes when the website would replace this email service (which is expected to occur around the spring of 2055), this will continue. Some suggested that the name is a bad idea as it will invite hackers. We shall see; if we encounter problems, we can rename: the Happy Arab, the Pleased Arab, the Agreeable Arab, The Subservient Arab, or the Furious Arab. On another note, I will not insult your intelligence by sending you some bullshit articles about the Nobel Prize for Peace or the Nobel Prize for Potatoes. I take those prizes as seriously as I take the Oscars (and remember that Tom Hanks in Gump beat Anthony Hopkins in Remains of the Day). Furthermore, I won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry last year, but I did not brag. DID I? Even the prize of the sciences are dubious: there is today a full-page ad in the NYT in which a scientist shows that the recipients of the Medicine prize were not deserving. But I have heard that the Nobel Prize in Toothbrushing are credible.