Saturday, October 25, 2003

An Exchange on Micronesia: Don't Cry for me Micronesia

Angry Arab wrote:
In the UN vote: 144 countries voted in favor, and four voted against:
Israel, US, Micronesia, and Marshall Island. I in no way intend to make fun
of the great political contributions of Micronesia to world peace and
security, and believe that Micronesia and Marshall Islands should be invited
to send representatives to stay with Bush in Crawford, Texas in his next
vacation. By the way, Micronesia, which never misses an opportunity to act
as a despicable subservient tool for the US, sent ONE SOLDIER to Iraq in
solidarity with the US. But that soldier, from what I have read, lead most
of the fighting and is now consuming a lot of Kabob in Baghdad.

Ms. Virginia Tilley responded:
I love Angry Arab as usual, but one request: don't pick on Micronesia and
Marshall Islands. They are collapsing into ruin and anarchy as we speak and
are just as much victims of US policy as anybody. It's not like they have
the option of independent governments!

From Kyle Sleeth:
I tend to disagree with you in your criticism of Angry Arab. I find an
abundance of humor in Micronesia (FSM) and Marshall Islands. This excerpt is
from the FSM website (click here):

"Congress met briefly in session yesterday, but no quorum was present.
Speaker Peter Christian adjourned the session until today, Wednesday,
October 15. He informed the seven Members who were present that he intends
to begin all daily sessions on time at ten o'clock."

Ok, so "the seven Members who were present" needed a friendly reminder as
to when the daily sessions begin. Hopefully the members in attendance
reminded their buddies who forgot to show. No biggie. I would hardly call
that "ruin and anarchy." Especially considering it is scuba season!

All kidding aside, I find it unlikely that the U.S. would cut off aid --
or even notice (1) -- if these islands dissented from the U.S. on any U.N.


Ms. Virginia Tilley responded:
Dear Mr. Sleeth:

Quite right you are. I overstated. I was thinking of some internal
difficulties particularly with growing poverty.... certainly Micronesia and
the Marshalls aren't falling into "ruin and anarchy" in the same sense that
the Solomons are, for example! Still, a congress which meets and has nothing
to do--both countries are plagued with seriously unequal development, major
health issues, and ethnic tensions especially in Micronesia--suggests not so
much spineless governments as *nonfunctioning* governments: not ones for
which independent action would risk a cut-off of US aid but ones which have
no option for independent action at all. Both "countries" are still
effectively US trust territories, whatever the "Compact of Free Association"
purports. The Marshalls also has the "privilige" of holding a major US
military base.... very sad. Anyway, chiding them for crummy UN votes struck
me as a bit like chiding the slave quarters for cheering at the white
people's dance.

And I would never "criticize" Angry Arab, my favorite listing of each day.
It was just a suggestion!