Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Bush pledges to chase and find suicide bombers; when told they were already dead, he asked for an immediate investigation:
Bush really actually said that he will find the suicide bombers and bring them to justice. His advisors must have told him later that they are dead. Bush was confused: he never knew that suicide bombers die. He had always assumed that suicide bombers live and continue to engage in more than one suicide attack. : and he asked his staff if suicide bombers can be brought back to life to be prosecuted. This is the "leader of the free world." By the way, who decides that American presidents are automatically "leaders of the free world"? Are they elected to that position? What is "the free world"? A club? An association? I am sure that "Unfree World" is more interesting. Did you know that Nixon until his last days would refer to himself (in the third person singular) as "Nixon, the leader of the free world." In a memoirs by a former NY editor who attended parties in his house, he tells stories of having dinner at his NJ house with Chinese diplomats: so Nixon takes them on a tour of the house: and he says: "This is where the leader of the free world wrote his second book". Or "this is where the leader of the free world baked a potato." Or "this is where Nixon, the leader of the free world threw up."etc. Bush reacted to the bloody mayhem in Iraq yesterday: he said that it IS A SIGN OF AMERICAN Success and progress in Iraq (I am not kidding: see ) . He also added that his enemies hate freedom. He loves saying that, perhaps because he is the elected leader of, you guessed right, "the free world."