Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Western media cover-up of the repression and corruption of Kurdistan

This has been one of the biggest propaganda stories in recent years in the Middle East. Just because the US government sponsored the Barzzani-Talbani tribal corrupt autocracy, and just because Israeli maintained relations with that traditional-feudal junta, Western media participated in one of the biggest schemes in media history.  The story of Kurdistan was always surrounded with tons of claims of prosperity and freedom without attention to what is happening in those areas. Thomas Friedman and others would go and give a lecture at the American University of Sulaymaniyyah and comes back and tell readers how wonderful things are and that the son of Bargain (or the son of Talbani) is fluent in English.  This picture is a scene of a protest in Sulaymaniyyah where people protested corruption and repression. Of course, stolen oil money paid for fancy lobbyists on K street in DC.