Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The arrest of Palestinian-Jordanian billionaire, Sabih Al-Masri in Saudi Arabia

As you know, he made his fortunate from contracts to feed Arab armies in the Gulf war in 1990-1991.  He partnered with Khalid bin Sultan (the latter with his brother had reached agreements with Muhammad bin Salman, I am told).  I asked an informed Palestinian businessman on the matter and he adds about Sabih Al-Masri: "That is true estimates between 500 to 800 Million  He was (allegedly) bankrupt at that point. He had reached out to his close friend Khaled Shuman for help keep him afloat. Before that could be arranged Khaled ben Sultan had given him the contract to feed the BRAVE Arab Armies ( Note did not fight of course) . This was the beginning of a new life for the Masri. BTW his nephew Hani Masri ( In Washington DC and Big Clinton Supporter also (allegedly) made 50 million on this deal).  This is the same Masri that (allegedly) took over the food services for the US Army in Iraq from Bassem Awadallah ( Awadallah had the company (allegedly) registered under his Uncle  Mother brother to feed the US Army in Iraq : then sold to Masri once they had the candle with the Nepali employees). Masri is in partnership with another... Palestinian; Abu Alhuda Al Farouki regarding feeding US Army in Kuwait ....This is the same Masri that is a partner with Isac Rabin and Shimoan Perez and Munib Al Masri in PatTel ( Cell phone Co in the west bank) Mahmoud Abbas Sons are partners with Ehud Barak and Olmret in the 2nd Cell Co in West Bank... These are great patrons of the the Palestinian people ....This is the Same Masri that PFLP assassinated his younger brother in Nabluis in the early 80's. They are all (allegedly) corrupt beyond belief. Charity is PR work to polish their image....You can use info, but please no names... "