Sunday, May 07, 2017

The new president of Syrian National Coalition

This is what is funny: Western media can easily and loosely use the word "election" in cases when the appointed person is someone dear to the heart of Western governments.  How can you call the selection of Riad Sayf as head of the Syrian National Coalition an "election" when he was selected by a group of self-appointed people at the behest of three regimes really: chiefly Saudi regime but also the Qatari and Turkish regimes.  But Riad Sayf was a Syrian regime MP in the 1990s during the reign of Hafidh Al-Asad.  This means that the head of the Western-apporved Syrian opposition body is one of those people who stand like penguins and applaud whenever the name of Hafidh Al-Asad or his son is mentioned.  He was one of those people--like every other MP in the Syrian rubber stamp regime parliament in the 1990s--who cheered every utterance and every saying and every speech of the regime.  And by being an MP of the regime, he must have worked closely with the intelligence services of the regime.  Ironically, someone like him will be giving lessons and preachment about how to the oppose the lousy Syrian regime and opponents of the regime will be labeled Shabbihah if they don't support the rebels by the likes of this guy.  Worse, some of the worst henchmen and thieves of the regime--not all of them as the regime sill retains henchmen and thieves--are now in the opposition. See my previous posts about the spokesperson of the Syrian opposition negotiation team in Astana--a man I knew in graduate school (Yahya Aridi).