Sunday, May 07, 2017

The last French presidential debate

This won't be said and it was not written in any US newspaper or magazine--and it is not because all US journalists know not one word of French: but for political reasons and because Marcon is the US establishment candidate, no one admitted that in the last French presidential debate, Le Pen wiped the floor with Macron. She was an incredibly forceful and effective debater: she was quick, articulate, self-confident and strong while her opponent came across like the boring banker that he is.  I thought to myself: if Hillary was as good a speaker and debater like Le Pen she would have won the election but then I thought that no, the US public--much more sexist than the French public--does not like a strong and forceful woman.  Don't forget that Hillary was obligated back in 1991 to submit cookie recipes in order to present her as traditional--just as the US public likes.