Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shep Smith

Sam protested about my post about Shep Smith the other day. I was in no way endorsing his politics. I was just making comparison in mainstream media and said that this guy does not seem partisan like the rest and seem to exercise a more independent judgment than most. What is the alternative? Dan Rather and his lousy standards of documentation and his more lousy campaign on behalf of Bin Laden and the other Mujahidin in Afghanistan, when he snuck in local attire to Afghanistan to present the role of the future Taliban-Al-Qa`idah as freedom fighting? Or Tom Brokaw who on the day of Sep. 11 said live on the air that "it is time that we reconsider our freedoms in the US" and who presented the role of US armed forces in WWII without any qualifications or criticisms (the rape of German women by US and Russian soldiers is not to be forgotten and the cruel role in the Pacific (read "War without Mercy" when US soldiers kept ears and bones of Japanese soldiers as souvenirs)? Or the new Megyn Kelly whose reactionary and anti-Feminist past is being airbrushed?  Or the fabricator Brian Williams>  It is all relative and Shep Smith remains more independent and unpartisan than most.