Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fake news campaign

I wrote about this at length in Arabic but I will say here briefly: worse than Trump's attack on Fake news is the campaign for combating "fake news" but the coalition of Democratic Party, Intelligence agencies, news media, and Tech companies".  More Orwellian than Trump's attack on the media is the notion that the coalition mentioned above can produce Truthful news for the public.  Kellyanne Conway was widely mocked for speaking about "alternative facts" but she was right. Take the Arab-Israeli conflict: the standards US-Israeli version of the founding of the occupation state of Israel is presented as "fact", while the real story of the uprooting of the Palestinians is in fact the alternative AND REAL fact here.  The US media's current alliance with the intelligence community and with tech companies is a scary scenario and is more threatening to democracy than Donald Trump.  I have never seen the lousy American liberals being more undemocratic than recently.