Thursday, January 05, 2017

The story of water cut-off in Damascus: or how Western media report war crimes by rebels

This is typical of Western media reporting about Syria.  There were stories two weeks ago of how the Syrian rebels poured diesel in the water going to Damascus and how they detonated the springs going go Damascus.  Some Syrian rebels supporters even did not deny it on social media.  Throughout that time, Western media strictly ignored the story of cut off of water to Damascus.  Wait. Until that is when the K street PR firms hired by US government to propagandize for the Syrian rebels came up with a story that Syrian regime caused the water cut off, and they produced "pictures" according to this silly New York Times propaganda account.  Or they hide behind: the picture is too murky for anyone to know the truth. But why is the picture always clear when Syrian regime commit war crimes, but the picture gets only conveniently murky when the rebels commit war crimes? Who will please my heart--as we say in Arabic--and teach the first course on Media and Propaganda in the Coverage of Syria war in Western media. Which university will host such a course?