Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A message to my American friends on election day

I have always wanted to say this to my American friends:
1) This is not the only democracy in the world. There are more than 100 democracies in the world, and some are far more advanced and equalitarian than the American political system.
2) The system of choosing a president in the US is most antiquarian and reflects the elitist impulses of the founding fathers and their contempt for the average person.
3) I don't vote and I will complain. The notion that only voters should be entitled to complain is undemocratic.
4) At least 60 other countries have had female leaders, so just resist the temptation to pat yourselves on the back.
5) Vote as many times as you wish, but you don't have to tell the world.
6) The primary system in the US is a mere illusion to let people think that they have actually chose from among the candidates.
7) Kudos for Nebraska and Maine for apportioning electoral votes proportionally and not according to the winner-takes-all principle--which is at the heart of the US electoral system.
8) The fact that one candidate is awful should not automatically mean that the other is better--or vice versa.
9) Lebanon has elections too, so calm down.
10) US news channels are not news channels. They are boring entertainment channels.
11) If you elect me as president I promise to enact laws for the total ban on bacon in the country.