Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A Lebanese "journalist" at media of Saudi princes explains Arabic culture to Americans in typical vulgar racist terms

""I've been having even vocabulary problems, even to translate words like "groping" — we don't know what to put in the headline. So even on a linguistic level, it's a challenge explaining this to an Arab audience.  We avoided direct quotes from the Billy Bush video and the two women's videos. We did not translate "p****" literally. We just said explicit words were used. We didn't know what to use with "groping" and "vagina." Arab culture is a different culture; it's more conservative.""  If she can read Arabic literature, she would have been scandalized to read the Perfumed Garden or the Arabian Nights.  As if we don't have equivalent words for those obscenities.  But the reason that they could not print such words in Al-Arabiyya or in Al-Hayat is that those are Wahhabi Saudi media.  Enough said.  (thanks Ibn Rushd)