Sunday, September 18, 2016

If this Human Rights Watch staffer said those same words about Netanyahu he would be out of a job within hours

“The fact that many leaders are considering or willing to deal with him today as if he has not gassed his own people or tortured thousands to death is an indictment of the current policy environment across the world,” Mr. Houry said. “There is a level of cynicism, a lack of ambition.”  Notice that Human Rights Watch staffer, like Western correspondents in the region, only let loose in their rhetoric against tyrants if they happen to be opposed to the Saudi regime.  Can you imagine this same person calling on the world to not deal with the Saudi despot, for example?  If there is one benefit of the Syrian war, it is two: 1) that Adonis would never win the Nobel Prize in literature. 2) that Western human rights organizations and even "relief" organizations have been exposed as being mere tools of US foreign policy.