Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ben Hubbard of the Times on Syria

What is fascinating about Western reporting about Syria is not only its outright bias: bias is not new, the US mainstream media have been biased about Israel since its very founding and it only because more biased over the years. It also has been biased in favor of the US position in every regional conflict in the world from the Balkans to Latin America to Africa, etc. But what is fascinating is that the coverage of Syria has went from biased reporting to crude and vulgar propaganda full of emotionalism which are usually eschewed by US media (in theory).  Look at this article and its language: such language would never make it in the paper about the Saudi despot or the Jordanian despot or the Moroccan despot.  The article even cites such quotations: "“Those birds were a deep message from heaven, whereas Bashar’s presence was just a parade, showing the muscles of a weak person,” Mr. Rifai said in an online chat."