Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Robert Fisk has lost it, a very long time ago: he thinks that Dir`aa is in the north of Syria

He thinks that Dir'aa is in the north of Syria, and a Western reporter in the Middle East sent me this: 

"The city in northern Syria, once the centre of fierce fighting in the country’s civil war".  also, this account of the start of the uprising is now known to be bullshit, and nobody ever claimed those boys were killed: "government intelligence officers beat and killed several boys who had scrawled anti-government graffiti on the walls of the city."  and he seems to think that "southern storm" was a government operation when in fact it was the name the insurgency gave to its last offensive in the south: "In the two-month long 2015 “Southern Storm” operations, which brought miles of Dera’a back under government control".