Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Al-Azhar still refuses to declare the unbelief of ISIS

I understand it and accept it: that Al-Azhar, following the Ash`arite doctrine, refuses to declare the unbelief of those Muslims who fulfill their religious obligations and who accept the testimony of Islam--as he insists in reiterating the position of Azhar about ISIS.  It is the tolerant thing to do in religion to engage less in excommunicating, or to--according to one Islamic doctrine--defer the matter of judgment to God (Al-Murji'ah).  But the same doctrine that Al-Azhar supreme cleric invokes in justifying the refusal to excommunicate ISIS, does allow for the excommunication of those who publicly and avowedly declared unbelief or who rejected Islamic beliefs.  So according to this man (a puppet of Mubarak and Sisi) ISIS has not done enough killing, terrorism, mayhem, and massacres to warrant the invocation of excommunication?