Monday, June 27, 2016

When the DailyBeast reports about the Middle East

Basically, DailyBeast journalism on the Middle East is: 1) half chit-chat with March 14 journalists in Beirut cafes; 2) things that are made up along the way as those correspondents write their articles; 3) Israeli Mossad planted stories.  Look at this: "Almost immediately after the explosion that killed Badreddine in Damascus, Hezbollah pinned the blame on Israel. That was no surprise. Accusing Israeli intelligence for all manner of attacks is practically a reflex for Hezbollah."  Just simply untrue.  Hizbullah did not blame Israel and was criticized by some for not blaming Israel.  But then the article adds that Iran has blamed the US "at the highest levels of the Iranian regime." The source?  "an Iranian official with knowledge of information sent to top leaders told The Daily Beast."  And whenever you read in Western media stories citing "some Lebanese journalists with sources in Hezbollah", you know that they are referring to Lebanese journalists on the payrolls of Hariri/Saudi regime.