Monday, June 27, 2016

Persecution of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon does not get much attention in Western media, for so many reasons.  For one, all Western correspondents in Beirut are busy propping up the so-called Syrian rebels.  Their interest is elsewhere. Furthermore, Western governments want to keep the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, and for that they don't give a damn about what befalls the refugees.  And Western human rights organizations are all tied to the Hariri political establishment in Lebanon and rarely publish reports that are harmful to their political and propaganda interests.  There are not only curfews being imposed on refugees (throughout Lebanon, among Muslim and Christians, and in March 8 and March 14 areas of Lebanon).  And the Phalanges Minister of Labor has worked hard to impose the fascist xenophobic standards of his party, by trying his best to exclude and discriminate against Palestinians and Syrians in Lebanon.  One town (Tirtuj in Jubayl has this week order a clean-up campaign and they ORDERED (see picture above) all Syrian refugees in the village to participate.  And the racist Lebanese Awni Foreign minister has issued a degree this week saying that all municipalities under the political control of his party will restrict work of Syrian refugees.