Monday, April 04, 2016

That Alawite document: the full text

Regarding the Alawite document. I still maintain that this seems to be the work of a handful of individuals who are working for Saudi or Qatari regime. We see such work from a handful of Shi`ites (the same names) seasonally in Lebanon, in which a few names assert that they are independent of Hizbullah and the Saudi Arabia represents the hope of all Arabs.  But there are many things striking about the document: the tone of revelation runs counter to every tradition and doctrine in the Alawite religion.  Furthermore, there is a funny part: in which the writers say that regarding Ibn Taymiyyah's fatwa that Alawites are infidels and that they should not be killed.  It said that they have decided to ignore the fatwa: as if by ignoring the fatwa it ends its political relevance to non-Alawites.  It says that Sunnis in Syria never treated Alawites accordingly--only if you disregard whatever happened in Syria in the last few years.  Finally, the clear attempt to distance Alawite religion from Islam openly and publicly runs counter to the essence of Taqiyyah of the community.  If I were to guess I would venture that this was written by two or three good Alawite writers sitting in Doha or Istanbul.