Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The politics of David Bowie

Over the last two days, I investigated the political side of David Bowie. Here is the conclusion: best summed up by Bowie himself. The man said he was apolitical.  He is universally described as a "rebel" but I don't know what he was rebelling against, nor did he know.  Politically, he went all over the place. He went through a phase in the 1970s when he expressed positive feelings about fascism (and later blamed drugs for that phase) and there is a debate over whether he gave the Nazi salute in one show.  He did mocked liberals but from the standpoint that fascist government is most efficient.  I think that Bowie was really a rebel in music and style but not in substance. He also said that throughout his travel he became less and less convinced of the appropriateness of any one political philosophy.