Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How articles and reports about Hizbullah finances are documented in Zionist media and think tank's reports

I was reading this report yesterday and encountered this reference:
"According to accounts in the Arab press, a "foreign relations official of the African branch of the Lebanese Hezbollah party and two of his aides" were among those killed. (52)  I said: let me look up the endnote and it was: "52. Hamid Ghiryafi, 'Hizbullah Officials Carrying Donations Reportedly Killed in Lebanese Plane Crash,' al-Siyasah (Kuwait )".  Of course, for the Western reader who does not know details it seems rather credible. But here is what you don't know: the man in question (Hamid Ghiryafi) has the credibility of a writer in National Inquirer--a bit less, in fact.  And As-Siyasah of Kuwait: is one newspaper that no one self-respecting Arab journalists would dare cite due to its long history of being a most yellow journalistic rag.  No exaggeration.  So here is how stories about enemies of Israel are peddled: stories in Zionist publications are peddled in Arab oil media, and stories in Arab oil media are peddled in Zionist Western media.  They both cite one another.