Friday, February 08, 2013

Western aid to Palestinians

"The audience for all the reports describing these abuses and written by these dedicated teams is senior diplomats stationed in Brussels, European capital cities and in North America. The information is supposed to be passed on to foreign ministers and governments. Much of it presumably does. But these governments have made a conscious political decision to cling to hypocrisy and to refrain from political intervention. Instead, they merely pay to put out a few fires.
This, too, is a huge Israeli success: The constant, daily international preoccupation with the consequences of Israel’s domination over the Palestinians and its takeover of their lands is humanitarian rather than political. Against their will, these dedicated participants in the humanitarian effort are a fig leaf for Western states that support Palestinian rights and independence on paper while accepting Israel’s apartheid in practice.
Apartheid generates the Palestinian charity cases for whose sake important conferences are held and from which many Palestinian and foreign bureaucrats make a ‏(good‏) living. The generous aid to the Palestinians through various channels is the reward offered by Western states in exchange for the tolerance they show toward Israeli apartheid and the encouragement they give it, in the form of close defense ties, upgraded trade relations and cultural and scientific exchanges." (thanks Diana)