Saturday, February 16, 2013

Turkish media on Syria

From Ali, Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey:
"Turkish media

Assad I sent you the photo showing the torture of FSA to an unnamed person in Aleppo. The photographer, Emin Ozmen is working for Sabah Daily which is a very very pro-government newspaper in Turkey. He took the pictures from Aleppo in late July and his newspaper "have not published the photo unless it was rewarded". Because of showing the true colors of FSA named as "freedom fighters" by government.

But after their photographer was rewarded, they had to report it but this time they prefered to use this caption: "The photo showing dissidents 'using violence' against a spy" (Source:  ) I wonder for what do they prefer to use "torture"?
Sol Daily asked the opinions of Emin Ozen and he said "I was shocked because of the violence that I witnessed, and could not recover for 24 hours" he was asked "How his newspaper is so sure that the captive is a spy?" replied "FSA members (AKA torturers) told me so"... Unbeliveble isnot it?"