Saturday, February 16, 2013

"All your filthy crimes are forever registered in our notebooks"

"Border Guard officers documented themselves abusing mentally disabled Palestinian near Givat Ze'ev checkpoint
According to the Jerusalem District Court's conviction, the group arrested the man - a mentally disabled Palestinian - and took him into their jeep, where an unleashed dog awaited him. The group then proceeded to beat, curse and pour water on the man.
"The hit me on my back and sides, they hit me especially hard on my right arm. I was also hit on my shoulder, specifically my left shoulder. They used clubs and brass knuckles."
Recalling the moment he became conscious of the fact that he was being filmed by the officers' mobile phones, he said: "They filmed me, laughing and mocking me. They cursed me and my parents, in Arabic and Hebrew." Afterwards, according to him, they returned to the original demand, inquiring about his ID, however: "It didn’t interest them; it was just an excuse to insult and curse me. They saw I was weak, so they did it."" (thanks Basim)