Sunday, February 03, 2013

slush funds for House of Saud

"BAE Systems was at the centre of a Serious Fraud Office investigation into allegations that it made corrupt payments totalling £6bn to Saudi royals to secure the al-Yamamah arms deal.  The company was suspected of bribing ruling Saudis through a network of front companies and offshore slush funds.  Prince Turki bin Nasser — the Saudi official in charge of the al-Yamamah deal — was the principal beneficiary of a £60m slush fund paid through Traveller’s World, a West End travel agency.  New documents from the SFO’s BAE files, seen by The Sunday Times, show that the benefits he received included a £220,000 Maybach 57 limousine, which was shipped to his Jeddah palace, and a £2m caravan complex in the Saudi desert." (thanks Sultan)