Thursday, February 14, 2013

FLASH. Another low in New York Times standards of journalism: the Indian people thank the White Man for teaching them how to kiss

It seems, according to this New York Times correspondent, the people of the Kama Sutra never knew how to kiss until Hollywood movies showed them.  Look at this stupid sentence: "But for many years, Indian couples did not widely embrace kissing, at least not in public." So when you say at least not in public, you mean that it could even be banned in private at most?  And how would you know that?  By watching Indian couples during love making? How dumb is that?  And this at least makes its entry in another sentence: "Many married couples refrained as well, at least in front of other people."  So Arabs don't kiss in public in most countries (although they do more in Beirut than in California city where I live), and yet they were kissing in ancient times.  There is a Hadith by Muhammad in which he called on followers to engage in foreplay before intercourse.  He said make a "messenger" between you and the woman.   And people asked: what is the messenger, o Prophet?  He said: the kiss.   But the silly New York Times story gets even sillier when it attempts to rely on "data" for the silly premise:  "A study led by James Witte, a professor of sociology at George Mason University in Virginia, reported that more than half of a set of volunteer respondents in India said they kissed at least several times a week. He solicited respondents through Internet portals, in English, but cautioned that his sample was not random. He said he reached people who were “well educated, younger and more urban” and who had access to the Internet.  In Professor Witte’s study, of the 112 respondents in the kissing module..."  So in this silly INTERNET-BASED kissing survey by this esteemed professor, in which his sample is not random because he chose the respondents who are educated?  How dumb is that, again?