Friday, February 15, 2013

Arab Anarchists

I have received this flyer from Arab Anarchists on the Egyptian Black Bloc.  Someone should translate the contents.

Basim translated into Arabic but for some reason he translated bloc into book:

"The Black Block
Important Statement
Arab Anarchists
The Black Book is a tactic by the anarchists to inflict losses on the capitalist that will lead to the demise of the capitalist institutions.
There is no relation to what has and is happening to The Black Book or antichrist in general due to immature revolutions, plots by intelligence agencies and those that claim they are The Black Book.
There no movement names Black Book, there is no official spokes person. The Black Book is process same as demonstrations : it is only a tactic
The riot police as well as the intelligence agency infiltrated The Black Book and are pushing to arrest those that adhere to the idea and to terminate the revolution
There is no movement called The Black Book nor an official spokesperson and to date it has not been implemented."