Monday, January 07, 2013

Violence against women in the US

From Ulf in Stockholm: "Regarding yor hatred of how stories of violence against women in faraway lands capture the attention of the US public violence. This is from the US. Disturbing. Hatred towards women is global.   You might have seen this or heard of this:
"KnightSec, a hacking group affiliated with the “Anonymous” collective, has released a video of teenager Michael Nodianos glorying in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by his high school football player teammates. ...
... “She is so raped right now,” said Nodianos to the camera. “There won’t be any foreplay for a dead girl. It ain’t wet now, to be honest. Trust me, I’m a doctor.”
He was referring to an incident in late August, when two players on Steubenville High School’s prestigious football team, The Big Red, reportedly drugged a 16-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her, carrying her unconscious body by the wrists and ankles from party to party, urinating on her and abandoning her at the end of the night at her parents’ house. "

Its a truly sad story. I remember when I was at that age. My footballteam (soccer for you) were at a trainingcamp. At night the movie The Accused were shown at TV. Half the team rushed to see the rapescene. "