Monday, January 07, 2013

Meet the new Grand Mufti of the NATO republic of Libya

"AA: Have any of the Libyan youth embraced the Shiite sect? And have any of the youngsters whom they tried to convert come to you for guidance?
GM: Yes, we had some calls from families informing us about the conversion of their sons into the religion of the atheist Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani [founder of the Ahmediyya sect] who claimed he had received a divine revelation and who had also claimed that he was a reincarnation of God! His doctrine has been widely followed in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.
AA: Some media reported that there have been attempts in the eastern parts of Libya to convert people to Christianity. The sources also spoke of some books, literature and fliers being confiscated. Is this true? If so, what is the Iftaa Office’s response to this campaign? Has the Iftaa Office made any plans to combat such phenomena? What is the impact of it on the Libyan youth?
GM: Christian missionaries also became a cause of great concern, because of the chaos and lack of security and and border controls, this made it very easy to enter the country. Anyone can bring in what he wants, such as publications and subversive ideas and by using the temptation of money, they will also use other means like encouraging adultery and pornography, which appeal to some young people. Some Libyan families informed us that members of their families converted to Christianity because they [missionaries] managed to cast doubts in their hearts....
GM: Secularism is a deviation from the law of God. It wants the neutralisation of the law of God. It says that state affairs should not been governed by the divine laws of God rather that divine laws should be confined to the mosque. Secularists are saying that public life — in politics, the economy, the media, family affairs and transactions and dealings — should not be managed by Islam but by man-made laws because they are better, so they claim.
Such claims leaves us in no doubt that secularism in this sense is an atheistic doctrine because it goes against God’s commands and prohibitions." (thanks Sultan)