Tuesday, January 01, 2013

PA's Ministry of Health

Mohammad responds, again, to Sammy (see previous days):
"I read the WHO paper which Sammy attached it :"In the West Bank, about 50% of maternal deaths occurred in private hospitals. Among the 53 reviewed maternal deaths in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 17 (32%) occurred intra-partum or during the first 24 hours post-partum. At least 57% of deaths in the West Bank were preventable." it is in the contest of Post-PARTUM DEATH death and increased two than the WHO standards.

I think the complications of Cesarean section is not "Simple illness" and C.S. is considered an Operation and needs Anesthesia.
Any way, here is a Comparison I made in regard to the average life expectancy between Palestine and each of Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, syria and Yemen .
according to the WHO survey.

N.B: 1-THE FIRST (PRIMARY CRITERIA) the WHO considers to Classify the Health Status of the Country is The life span.
2- Palestine is under occupation and ALTHOUGH the Palestinian Martyrs decrease the average Palestine has an average of 72.5years

A Comparison of the average life expectancy in Palestine --Despite people who die due to direct occupation practices-- (WHO Survey in 2009)

The average life expectancy in JORDAN the ( near most country ) is 71 years, whereas in Palestine is 72.5years
The Average Life Expectancy in Libya is 72, whereas 72.5 years in Palestine.
The Average life expectancy in Syria is 74years (in 2009), whereas 72.5 in Palestine
The average life expectancy is 65 years in Yemen.

(ATTACHED GRAPH from reuters/Archive): Here’s a chart helpfully provided by Reuters Alertnet showing that infant mortality in the Palestinian Authority is lower than in any of the surrounding Arab countries:

SECOND: The WHO report which has been attached is TALKING about POST-PARTUM DEATH and it increased due to CEASARIAN SECTION OPERATIONS!! . PLEASE compare that percentage with EGYPT!!! (which is not under direct occupation)

In regard to Laila Ghannam, I am not in place to assure or deny anything since I have no information.

Again, I differentiate between the Palestinian QUALIFICATIONS and the P.A"