Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Who killed Abu Furat?

A Turkish journalist sent me this:
"This is just a rumour, I cannot confirmed it: One of the rebel leader was killed in Aleppo last week. His name is Abu Fourat. He is the commander of Tawheed Brigades. (Liwa Al Tawheed) He is opposing the theft and sectarianism. And it is announced that he was killed during the combat in infantry school in west of Aleppo. But some people do not believe this story. They say that he was not killed by army but the leader of Banner of Tawheed Brigades. His name is Abdelqader As Salah the leader of Banner of Tawheed Brigades. This group has direct relations with Turkish intelligence and as I told you he is the organizer of this looting. Banner of Tawheed are also very sectarian (they raided the villages of Alawites in last summer) They told said that this assassination is somehow related with this looting, "they eliminated a big obstacle for them"".