Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When the Jordanian King tries to woo the left

A Jordanian comrade sent me this (but he does not want to be identified):  "Notice that the meetings between Kind Abdullah and the Left (reported in today's Al-Quds Al-Arabi) took place at the house of anti-Palestinian racist Raja'i al-Mu'ashsher, an East Jordanian banker, who [reportedly] is the employer and the financial backer of people like the anti-Palestinian racist "leftist" Nahid Hattar who attended the meeting with the king and wrote about it in the Lebanese Al-Akhbar. The other meeting took place at the house of Ayman Safadi, a corrupt newspaper journalist who used to censor the Jordan Times as its editor before he became an advisor to King Abdullah at the Royal Diwan after which he left to Abu Dhabi to make more millions as a media corporation CEO. Clearly neither Safadi nor Mu'ashshir has been known for their leftist leanings, though they are indeed known for their anti-Ikhwan leanings and in the case of Mu'ashshir also for venomous anti-Palestinian racism. It is more than curious why the Jordanian "leftisi" would agree to such meetings at the homes of such suspicious people.  In case you did not know, Safadi is pro-normalization with the Zionists. He also served as vice-prime minister previously. Notice also that the Jordanian regime in the report seems to be threatening Egypt with deporting Egyptian workers in retaliation for Ikhwan solidarity across borders, which is what Hattar recommended they do a few weeks ago in Al-Akhbar."