Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Beirut: funding Bigotry in Lebanon

I could not believe it the other day when I read that the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Beirut funded a conference by the shop named (and run) by the right-wing sectarian Lebanese journalist, May Shidyaq (and a candidate for parliament on the list of Lebanese Forces).  Shidyaq has been as of late vocalizing her views of Shi`ites.  She has become quite avoided in Lebanese talk shows for her bigotry.  She recently said on one TV station that she is bothered on her way to the tomb of a saint who saved her from death--according to her account--because there are "Shi`ites on the streets" when she did not even see them before.  Had Shidyaq expressed such views about Jews, The Ebert Foundation would not have donated a penny to her activities.  It is shameful but not really surprising: as long as the person (be them fascists or be them Al-Qa`idah affiliates) belongs to March 14 which is in line with Western policies, they become acceptable.