Saturday, December 22, 2012

The UN report on Syria: scandalous

A seasoned NGO person in the Middle East wrote me this about the UN report on Syria:
"What do you expect if those who wrote this report think there is a neighborhood in Syria called Said al-Zeinab? by the way, this is very poorly written, and I wonder why they would release it if all reported incidents are still under investigation as they say.. and there is nothing new from the previous reports... even the sectarian angle is old... so you are right about the insertion on Hezbollah, even on Iran. (Iran confirmed on 14 September that members of its Revolutionary Guards  are in Syria providing “intellectual and advisory support”. ) which comes without any source or reference..."

PS The untrue allegation about Hizbullah's confession about its Syrian military role in defense of the regime was taken--I realized yesterday--verbatim from a statement issued by the Hariri parliamentary bloc in Lebanon.  Kid you not.