Sunday, November 11, 2012

Libya is now officially liberated: Meet the "Libya Special Operations Force"

"A team of about 10 American officials working for the US embassy in Tripoli recently visited a paramilitary base in Benghazi to interview potential recruits for what has been described as ‘Libya special operations force’.  Despite the sensitivity of the matter as to the sovereignty of the country, local media and the National Congress have not mentioned or debated the issue.  Fathi al-Obeidi, a commander of one of the armed groups in Benghazi and whose base was visited by the American officials, has been reported telling Reuters that "the American team asked us for a tour of our base and we granted them permission to walk around freely.”   "They stood with many of our men taking down information. They asked them about their ages, backgrounds, their tribal loyalties. They wanted to know what kind of training they had received, if any," he added." (thanks Gabriela)