Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Middle East evening at Cornell University

From a reader at Cornell who does not want to be identified:  "thought you might like to know about this event from last week here at Cornell University: the university's Zionist group CIPAC and the newly founded Arab Students Association co-hosted a 'Mideast Fest.' The Saudi Club had been approached and refused to co-host because of the presence of CIPAC and my own group Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine weren't asked (and if asked would'nt attend). The Arab Students Association is headed by a White American woman. As you can imagine, Cornell SJP and our friends and members in the Arab community on campus are not amused by this normalization...The Arab group describes itself as: "The purpose of Arab Student Association at Cornell University is to create a forum for individuals interested in Arab language, culture, or politics to meet. Those individuals will then have the opportunity to increase awareness of pertinent issues in the Arab world both on the Cornell campus and in the larger Ithaca community."  I scoped out the event and I didnt see a Lebanese Club table but there was a table for the Arab Student Association. The Zionists served Arab food as Israeli food and when i arrived I saw the Arabs I know from the ASA unloading the falafel and pita for the Zionists. To shame the ASA, I and another SJP member went uninvited and seized a table in the hall and laid out a Palestinian flag and hung another over the main entrance prompting glares from the Zionists as we passed out pamphlets on the Occupation and the Nakba. This is the first cosponsoring between Arab and Zionist groups and it comes after the Arab groups as well as Muslim groups on campus were scared back into their shells after a harsh backlash to a protest they did after Gaza massacre in 2008 that got them death threats. We tried at every step of the way to prevent the cosponsorship but the leadership of the ASA has been dead set on continuing.    yes you can post them anonymously and here is a link to the group registration of the ASA:  the Lebanese Club isnt registered with Cornell so it's existence could be bogus but it has existed in years past. Checking the registration of ASA, I see that they have reorganized their board so the Egyptian...who I saw unloading falafel and pita for the Zionists is the president and the white woman is now their PR officer."