Friday, November 16, 2012

Dumb Israeli propaganda

Jamal sent me this:  "Once again as you say, the israelis show how dumb their propaganda is. The attached image of one of the leaflets they're dropping on Gaza was on the Jerusalem Post website.

How exactly in one of the most densely populated pieces of land in the world, where Hamas is the dominant political and governing party, is one supposed to stay away from "elements and centers of Hamas". You might as well tell people in Manhattan to stay away from all the Democrats you know and anywhere they gather.

Just like the US military, the israeli military gets a bunch of lawyers together and puts out some moronic announcement that they figure protects them from legal and moral blame. They delude themselves into thinking this stuff absolves them of guilt when a child's body parts are strewn across a street.

And then there's the idiotic premises of the entire thing which once again they seem to delude Palestinians into believing. 'Oh it's all Hamas' fault and we're just defending our people' blah blah blah. It's like they really think they convince Palestinians to become Zionists, plus do it while they're dropping bombs on their heads. Self-delusion at its finest.

For ease if you wish to post, here's my (admittedly poor on the fly) translation:

Important Announcement to the residents of the Strip

For the sake of your safety, take responsibility for your fate and avoid getting near the elements and centers of Hamas which will subject your lives to danger.
Hamas once again leads the region to military escalation and the shedding of blood.
The israeli defense army is determined to protect the residents of the state of israel whenever the matter requests.
This announcement is in effect until the return of calm to the region.

Leadership of the israeli defense army"