Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Now Hariri

Daniel sent me this:  "you put this up and said you stopped reading, but this is really offensive:
"It is amusing to watch the leader of Hezbollah threaten the kidnapers of the Shia pilgrims from behind a giant screen. The ironic fact is that the kidnapers are not waiting for Hassan Nasrallah’s options. On the contrary, they have given him some options: Apologize or they will not be freed. The other funny but sad part is that, in the case of war, Nasrallah will remain hiding behind the screen, while the Lebanese, as always, will pay the price for Hezbollah’s decisions."

1. Is this how Now Hariri discusses kidnappings by Shi'as? For example, would any of them dare say the same thing about the Iran hostage crisis? (Forget the Zionist enemy for a moment)
2. Because of course, Hariri (like Jumblatt) bravely goes into battle whenever he has a dispute with anyone, unlike the cowardly نصوالله".

PS Of course, she lied.  Her characterization of the "threat" is quite inaccurate, at least.  But then again: she has a Hariri job to do.