Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Rape is "sensitive" among Muslims

Bart sent me this:  "Asad: this one goes beyond shoes or poatatoes: an article on the 'new' Lybia in the supposedly thirdworldist, progressive flemish Mo magazine says literally: "The men are accused of joining Khadaffi's troops in attacking Misrata 35 km away and raping women there, a very sensitive issue in muslim Lybia" - not sure what the implications of the (anonymous) author really are... that rape is not a sensitive issue in non-muslim cultures? that the 'backward' muslims should just get over thir distaste of rape? wtf!
("De mannen zouden samen met Khadaffi-troepen het 35 kilometer verderop gelegen Misrata hebben aangevallen en er vrouwen hebben verkracht, iets wat in het islamitische Libië zeer gevoelig ligt.")