Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The case for Sanctions Against Israel: Zizek

I was happy to receive the new The Case for Sanctions Against Israel from Verso press.  But I was unhappy to read the lousy piece in it by Slavoj Zizek.  I know that the editors wanted a big name, but they should have passed upon reading his piece.  Zizek does not belong to the volume at all.  His small piece is an insult to the work for sanctions against Israel.  He dares tell you:  "At times, the State of Israel has tried to contain Israel's excesses" (the statement is so stupid as if the State of Israel is a separate entity apart from "Israel"), and he concludes his lousy piece by telling readers: "And--to avoid any kind of misunderstanding--taking all this into account in no way implies any "understanding" for inexcusable terrorist acts" (p. 20).  Of course, he does not have Israeli terrorism in mind.  With the "courage" of some Western liberals, I prefer the cowardice of right-wingers.