Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lizzie Phelan: propaganda for the Syrian regime

Lizzie Phelan is the only Western champion of Hafidh Al-Asad or Bashshar Al-Asad that I have read.  The only one.  She even cites approvingly from the speeches of Hafidh Al-Asad.  She was a fan of Qadhdhafi and later became a fan of Al-Asad dictatorship.  I mean, I can see or understand (yet disagree with) the position of support for, say, the Cuban regime for socialist experiment or for defiance against the US.  The Syrian regime instead of championing the poor, it champion of the cronies and tycoons of crony capitalism, and instead of defiance it is willing to serve any outside sponsor.

PS Also, really.  Who could genuinely and sincerely like or admire Bashshar Al-Asad, or his father?  I mean, they have no charisma, and no charm and no likability and no connection with the people.  None, whatsoever.

PSS: Comrade Asa sent me this (and he allowed me to cite): "She was in Tripoli until the fall of the city, propagandising for the Qadaffi regime right until the end. Yet she was still held captive by
armed Qadaffi men during the Rixos hotel siege. She is in the background of photo 12 here:

Even when being basically held hostage by Qadafi's fighters she convinced herself she was being protected by them. She appeared over Skype from the hotel on Russia Today even as the NATO militias were taking over the city: she claimed reported gunfire was actually fireworks and "celebratory" unfire, because the rebels had been fought off. Kid you not:

You will note that her blog does not go further back than January. She had another blog, which had extensive propagandising from her time in Libya. She appears to have deleted it all:
You can put this on your blog if you want."