Friday, March 09, 2012

Interesting: very interesting

I happen to notice that Nir Rosen's piece on the Islamists in Syria did NOR run on but ran instead in Foreign Policy.  My own observation about that is:interesting. Very interesting.  Now on substance, I am not comfortable to write much while flying in the air on a damn plane (and on Delta Airline--the worst airline there is where bathroom doors are broken and where vegetarians are not a recognized group), I will only say this:on the Muslim Brotherhood.  I have this argument many times:some people tell me that we never meet Muslim Brotherhood members in Syria, and others say: but the regime never uncovered cells of the Ikhwan in the last years. The answer is obvious: because membership in the Ikhwan is punishable by death.  Who is going to risk his life like that? Yet, when the time comes--if it comes--and when it becomes possible to identify with the Ikhwan, people would come out of nowhere and declare identification with the Ikhwan, I surmise.  People who are Islamists but who are not members of any group, will join as well. I also suspect that some people would switch from Hizb At-Tarhriri to Ikhwan.