Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Asad's emails: a hoax

I have read Asad's emails in the Guardian.  My judgment? The Guardian is a victim of a hoax hatched by the propaganda machine of the Syrian National Council.  It is so lacking in credibility.  It took me minutes to reach my conclusion.  Al-`Alam TV guy is giving advice to Asad directly to his email? Let me guess: tomorrow the Guardian will show that the car salesman who was hired by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in DC through a Mexican drug cartel also contacted Asad and provided him with advice.  And the notion that Asma' Al-Asad, knowing that eyes are all on her, resorts to order goods through the internet is not believable.  My suggestion? Syrian National Council should work harder on their propaganda output and the Guardian and Western media should at least have a little bit of skepticism when they receive propaganda materials from thus Syrian opposition.

PS The paper admits that they were obtained from Syrian National Council.
PPS This is a joke.  Did not anyone at the Guardian raise alarms at such absurd fabrications?  Let me guess:the Guardian will publish tomorrow an email from Bashshar to his wife in which he refers to himself as Hitler and a donkey and Shabbih.  It is a matter of days.