Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saving the regime in Syria

For the same reason that I opposed the GCC plan for Yemen I oppose the Arab League plan for Syria. What is missing from Western and Arab media coverage is that the underlying causes in Arab tyrants' reactions to other Arab regimes are personal animosities and vendettas.  Emir of Qatar hated Husni Mubarak and once Mubarak fell, he did not care what happened in Egypt.  He never forgave Mubarar for refusing his positive overtures to him, as he recounted to me in 2010.  Similarly, the Arab leaders of Qatar and Saudi Arabia just want Bashshar down and they don't care what happens next.  They are, through their lousy plan, trying to save the regime, just as the Syrian National Council wants to make peace with the Syrian Army which is responsible for much of the butchery in Syria.  For me, it is a total and complete overthrow of the regime--the Syrian regime and all the other regimes.